What are Crystalign Invisible Aligners?
Crystalign Invisible Aligners are a type of braces, they are 3D printed, transparent, plastic pieces that fit snugly over your teeth.
Invisible aligners are an established alternative to traditional braces for most misalignment cases and are preferable to traditional braces since they are transparent, removable, and the treatment process is pain free.
Crystalign Aligners are custom printed for each customer to apply forces that move their teeth into their correct positions. A series of these aligners are worn in sequence, moving the teeth in small increments over several months until they are in their ideal positions.
What are Crystalign Invisible Aligners made of?
Our aligners are constituted of a comfortable, BPA-free and U.S. FDA approved plastic that is gentle on the insides of your mouth.
How do I know if I am a candidate for Crystalign Invisible Aligners?
Every Crystalign treatment starts with a free online Smile Assessment, which is followed by an orthodontic consultation at one of our Crystalign Certified clinics.
Does Crystalign work for those who still have wisdom teeth?
It is recommended that you have your wisdom teeth removed. However, this can also be determined case by case. If you have just had your wisdom teeth removed, you will need to wait between one and two months before beginning a Crystalign treatment.
Do Crystalign Invisible Aligners work if I have missing teeth?
Our orthodontists can assess this on a case-by-case basis during the first step of treatment.
How do I schedule a ‘take impression’ appointment?
You can request an appointment in our Crystalign Center located in Beirut, Lebanon – Gemmayze, Gouraud Street, Crystalign Building, 4th floor. Bookings can be made by phone on +961 1 448 358.
What should I do if I am late for my appointment?
Please call us at +961 1 448 358 and let us know when you expect to arrive. We’ll do everything we can to fit you into the schedule.
What if I need to reschedule my appointment?
You can reschedule your appointment by calling the Crystalign Center on +961 1 448 358 at least 24 hours before your appointment.
How long does the impression step take?
It is a very simple process that takes less than 30 minutes.
What is the average time for treatment?
Our invisible aligner process usually takes 3 to 24 months for final results. Our treatment is proven to be more efficient than existing competitors within the Middle East and North Africa region. Additionally, you may wish to expedite the process by requesting an Accelerator (a device that uses vibrations to speed up the shifting of teeth) for USD 375, reducing the treatment duration by around half.
Can I preview my expected results?
Yes, after our lab receives your impressions, we create a custom treatment plan which shows a before and after of how the alignment of your teeth will shift with treatment. You can also continuously monitor your progress with your doctor.
Why do I need to treat both arches if I only want to change one?
Because the correction of crowding or spacing alters your bite (the relationship between the upper and lower teeth), in some cases we recommend treating both arches to maintain an ideal bite.
How many hours a day should I wear my aligners?
For the best results, they should be worn for at least 22 hours per day. Our Crystalign Certified orthodontists will guide you in best practices to make your treatment the most effective and comfortable, and you can always find tips and advice on our social media channels.
How do I use the Chewies?
Chewies are small chewable pieces made of silicon that we include with your treatment to help you get a tighter fit. With your aligners in, put your Chewie between your teeth and chew. Use your Chewies like gum, for 10-15 minutes at a time, 2-3 times per day.
Will my teeth be sore after treatment?
You might experience very mild soreness for a few days after you are fitted with your aligners. The slight pain should recede after the first few days of each new set.
What if I lose an aligner?
To avoid your teeth shifting back to their old positions and continue on the treatment plan, you will need to order a replacement aligner immediately. Inform your treating Crystalign doctor as soon as possible to order a replacement aligner. While you are waiting for the replacement, you will need to continue wearing the previous aligner.
How do I keep my new smile after I complete my Crystalign treatment?
It is recommended that you maintain your new smile with our invisible retainers. Without retainers, teeth may shift back to their original flawed positions. Using our retainers will make sure that that does not happen. The Crystalign treatment plan includes one set of free retainers at the end of treatment. If you lose your retainers, you may call our center at +961 1 448 358 to order a replacement set. We recommend that retainers are changed every year for best results.
How much do Crystalign Invisible Aligners cost?
The cost of treatment with Crystalign is similar to traditional metallic braces. The cost varies depending on the severity of the case, a consultation with one of our Crystalign Certified Doctors will let you know the cost before you start treatment.
What is the minimum age required to use Crystalign Invisible Aligners?
Our minimum age requirement is 15 years old.
Does Crystalign ship internationally?
Yes! Please call us at +961 1 448 358 or +961 76 448 358 for information or you can reach us through the form on the Contact Us page.