Philosophy of Practice

Consider us your own digital lab. Crystalign is committed to reinventing orthodontic treatment into a personalized journey that will generate gratifying results for the customer and an solid and advantageous network for member doctors.

Our values center on creating harmony between beauty and function as we aim to improve oral health and well-being without compromising personal appearance.

Crystalign strives for excellence and integrity when it comes to its services, treatments, customer care and quality of its designs.

By providing our top-notch product to doctors, and connecting doctors with patients through a referral system, we hope to form an efficient and reliable network that combines optimal design, professional medical services, and smiling customers!

It meets your patients’ wants and needs

Patients cite comfort, subtlety and long-term results as as the top three decision-making criteria when choosing an orthodontic treatment.

Your patients will spread the word

Doctors find that the majority of new aligner cases are referred from previous satisfied clients.

Suits a large percentage of cases

Over 60% of all orthodontic patients are clinically suitable for orthodontic treatment with Crystalign.

The process is simple and efficient

Crystalign offers reliability at every iteration of its process - which means punctual delivery, reduced preparation time, precise application and less maintenance.

Crystalign Qualities

Crystalign is best suited to treat mild to moderate malocclusion and crooked alignment. Staying true to one’s smile, the results are infinitely more natural than veneers, and more time efficient than any other orthodontic treatment.


Stress retention refers to the propensity of a material to resist permanent deformation under an applied load. Crystalign is made of a robust, rigid polyurethane (PU) system ( “What’s so special about polyurethane?”) that was developed specifically for aligner applications and optimized to deliver the correct balance of key properties including strength, ductility, chemical resistance, clarity, and stress relaxation resistance. Most other commercially available materials are made of polyester, using PETG as its base resin. Crystalign, by comparison, is made of a high-performing rigid engineering resin with superior stress retention and crack resistance properties.


Cracking can occur when removing an appliance from a forming mold, or by a patient when in use. Crystalign, having a tough polymer backbone, has gained a reputation as the benchmark for crack resistance. Plastics toughness and crack resistance can be evaluated by measuring Impact Strength. Crystalign was evaluated for impact strength alongside other orthodontic products, and demonstrated superior performance. Crystalign appliances have been used in retention and night guard applications for periods as long as three years, which testimony to its toughness.


Dental appliances are frequently exposed to oils, coffee, smoke, staining agents in food and cleaning products such as toothpaste and mouth wash. Such exposure can cause plastics to yellow, stain and structurally deteriorate. To demonstrate the staining resistance of Crystalign, parts were immersed in mustard and placed in an oven at 37C for 24 hours. At the end of the mustard soak, Crystalign showed little change in color compared to competing orthodontic products.


Crystalign material retains clarity and color stability because of its high optical transmission and low staining tendencies, creating an impression of “crystal clarity” in the oral cavity. Crystalign material processing is managed with great care to ensure the highest level of optical clarity for customer satisfaction.

Easy Fabrication

Temperature, humidity, thermoforming equipment, and the technician’s skill can all impact the success of producing a quality appliance. Crystalign was designed with a broad processing window to reduce the risk of poor thermoforming procedures. This includes a foil-barrier package to maintain the optimum moisture content. The in-office manufacturing of Crystalign material using a positive-pressure forming system is fast and seamless. You can turn over the manufacturing of Crystalign within hours and know every single time the appliance will fit like a glove.