Fully Assessed

Our team of orthodontists, designers, and technicians will assess each case and will only realign your teeth after you are shown and approve your projected results.

Closely Followed Up

You will receive in-depth advice on how to use your Crystaligns in order to ensure treatment is complete in the relevant time-frame. Appointments are scheduled two weeks apart to fit you with your new aligners and check on your progress.

Simply Achieved

Crystalign aligners will shift your teeth into their desired positions. The movement is achieved incrementally through a series of clear aligner trays. Each tray generates up to 0.2mm of movement. A typical treatment will last between three to eight months.


Teeth are moved without pain compared to traditional orthodontic systems. You can remove your aligners quickly and easily anytime for eating, drinking and brushing.

Virtually Invisible & Comfortable

Nobody will be able to tell that you are wearing correctors. Your teeth will look clean and natural. It’ll be our little secret!
Made from a light medical-grade plastic, Crystalign aligners are remarkably comfortable and easy to get used to, with absolutely no interference with your speech.